“Thanks Train & Get Hired for your hard work, professionalism and industry expertise. I was be able to improve my interview skills tremendously and I am happy to kick-start my finance career in the pension industry at Benefits Pension Administrator Group (BPA Group).”

C. Vu – Pension Administrator

“The Career Success program is a great guidance for me to figure out what I need to do now and the advice on job hunting is really helpful for me to secure the Financial Analyst position at The Globe & Mail”

Y. Yang – Financial Analyst

“Very good and helpful personalized services and training program”

C. Lim – Credit Administrator

“Thanks for the dedication and beyond-expectation effort of Train & Get Hired’s team in training and supporting me. The service is personalized to fit well into my own situation and it was effective to help me achieve my full-time job.”

B. Gao – Staff Accountant

“All aspects of the service are excellent. From the service, I improved my communication skills, interview skills, and my confidence. My training manager supports me in all the ways and tries his best to solve any problems that I met. His training method is easy to be understood and very effective. He understands the interviews very well. When I was depressed because of some interview failure, he also encouraged me and help me to move on”

J. Zhang – Financial Service Representative

“I am impressed with their knowledge in accounting and finance field, as well as their communication skill and critical thinking which help me learn a lot and improve my interview skill.”

T. Nguyen – Fund Accountant

“My training manager (Thanh Quach) is really helpful and knowledgeable. Not only was he able to quickly find and get me an interview at a well-known firm, the training he provided helped me a lot with my interview skills. Thanks to his help, I was able to get the position. Upon getting the job, he also offered me a lot of tips on how to be successful in the position, based on his own experiences and insights. I really appreciate his help and would recommend Train & Get Hired for anyone looking to start their career!”

A. Nguyen – Fund Accountant

“Thank Train& Get Hired and Thanh Quach for this wonderful program. It is designed based on individual case and each candidate. I am so happy to join in this program. Also, my training manager (Thanh Quach) is knowledgable and friendly. Based on my initial interview and test, he worked with me through my resume and discussed with me the requirements for each position which we applied. After i got the job, he still helped me to complete the paper work and gave me some advises which are useful for my future. I appreciated his time and help during two months. Once again, thank for giving me the opportunity to get this job. I would like to recommend Train & Get hired to anyone who is looking for a good job.”

K. Pham – Fund Accountant

“Train & Get Hired is very helpful in assessing my personal needs as I had been not in the workforce for over 1 year. The personalized training program is very effective to equip me with communication and interview skills. Thanks for working with me throughout the challenging job hunting journey. I am very happy with the result.”

S. Ye – Investment Policy Analyst

“The service is very helpful and is tailored to the customer’s needs and personal characteristics. It makes me realize that the career planning is about the long run but not only at this point.”

J. Yi – Marketing Specialist