Turning Resume to Interview-Booking Machine!

Designed Exclusively for Getting
Finance/Accounting Jobs

The Resume Break-Through System

is the step-by-step course to build a personalized winning resume to get entry-level job interviews in Finance/Accounting. It doesn’t require you to have any work experience.


BreakThrough System
Turning Dead Resume to Interview-Booking Machine in 30 Minutes
  • Winning Resume Template that Gets Hiring Managers' Attention
  • Keywords Optimized to Pass Applicant Tracking System - ATS
  • Bring out the BEST of you on Resume
  • Personalized Support to Your Situation
  • BONUS #1 - How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile
  • BONUS #2 - The Best Strategy to Apply for Jobs for Fresh Graduates
  • BONUS #3 - 4 Resume Case Studies to Increase 3x Interviews
  • Simple, Effective & Fun

Deadly Mistakes

There are 3 main reasons why you don’t get many interviews:

Personalized Resume

To Bring Out The Best of You

How does it work?

You study the course AND we provide Step-by-Step Support to help you get Job Interviews.

How long does it take?

Resume Break-Through - 1 hour
You can start as soon as you enroll
As it is self-paced, you can speed up or slow down to fit your own schedule

Where can I learn?

100% Online
Access 24/7
Phone & Computer & Tablet

Who is it for?

Fresh Graduates who want to Increase Number of Interviews in Finance/Accounting.

From Resume to Interviews

(under 30 minutes)

It doesn’t matter if you work part-time in the mall, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, convenience stores, nail salons, school projects…etc. We got you covered!

We have an “inventory”, which includes all the phrases and sentences, to describe your work experience in a professional way that will make the hiring manager call you in for an interview.

It’s easy in 3 steps to build a winning resume under 30 minutes:

  1. You “plug and play” with all keyword-optimized phrases – we’ll show you how.
  2. We add personalized advice to bring out the best of you.
  3. We review your resume and you are done!

There is no more writing from scratch or getting a general-template on the internet.

Meet The Creator

Why Did I Build This System?

My name is Thanh and I am the creator of The Resume Break-Through System. It all started with “OMG, I applied tons of jobs and I didn’t even get an interview. I am so tired of doing my part-time job at the mall, I already graduated and it is going nowhere.” – a college student said.

Based on my experience, I started to develop the best step-by-step method or “system”. She used the system, thankfully, she got many interviews and she ended up with a junior accountant job with a real estate firm.

Why Does This System Work?

Because I went through the same stressful process to get my 1st job as a fresh graduate. I knew what worked and what didn’t. Then, I had 4-year work experience (Fund Accountant & Derivatives Analyst) @ CIBC Mellon. During this time, I also interviewed candidates for my team so I know what the hiring manager wants.

The Resume Break-Through System has helped hundreds of fresh graduates get a lot of interviews and eventually ending up with a finance/accounting job.

Maybe the system can help you too 🙂

17:59 05 Feb 22
If you're lost in your career hunt. Thanh your man! Don't hesitate on going with him, just take the plunge.
yem syyem sy
15:45 09 Dec 21
Like so many fresh graduates out there, I had many questions about how to get an accounting job when I had zero... Canadian experiences which employers expect from me. I was so depressed because I didnot know how to begin, I worked some part-time jobs as a server. At first, I thought those experiences that I had doesn't relate to what recruiters look for an accounting position, however, Train and Get Hired team taught me the way to show recruiters that I have those skills they need by working as a server. They taught me how to pick right words and look at the experiences I have in a different way. I can't thank Train and Get Hired enough because the lecture is so effective that helps me to get 7 interviews so I would say my resume works due to their support and their lectures. The outline of lecture is clear and informative. The team will lead you to the right way to get the job from building a successful resume to being confident for interviews. After what I experienced, I highly recommend their services. Good luck to you all.read more
Logan ThaiLogan Thai
17:05 05 Dec 20
You'll be ready to get that job.Don't waste anymore time researching by yourself not knowing what was wrong with... those previous interviews. Everybody is different. Books & articles & blogs won't understand you, but Thanh would. With his insights about the hiring process, interviewer & interviewee perspectives, you will be incredibly prepared, and that can push your "required luck" down a lot.You just can't win a battle without a strategy.read more
kieu oanh Nguyenkieu oanh Nguyen
15:07 24 Nov 20
Thanks to Train and Get hired, now I got an opportunity to develop my path career. It is not only about a job but it is... more meaningful when I could find out a good job in related field. CEO mr. Thanh is very professional and thoughtful since I started my workshop during the pandemic season and it was online workshop. If you struggle with finding a good full time job, they will give you many useful tips on resume, applying jobs etc.read more
Lily DangLily Dang
19:34 21 Oct 20
It was fortunate that I met Thanh and learnt about his services. As an international student and a fresh graduate, I... struggled a lot in the very first step of my job search. There were ton of questions that I had in my mind at that time: what’s type of job that I should target to, how can I prepare myself for resume and interviews, etc.? After a coffee chat with Thanh, I understand myself more and had the clear strategy for my jobs search. His classes went beyond my expectations, he has a unique way of approaching interviews as storytelling and students should see themselves as sellers who are selling their skills with a price instead of someone’s desperately asking for a job. Those has totally changed my perspectives about job search.During Covid-19 lockdown, it was the hard time as companies are hiring freeze. However, he always encouraged me to improve myself in the meantime while waiting for good opportunities to come. He also helped me more confident in my networking, which was used to be a nightmare for me.Every single time, I had an interview invitation, he always touched base with me to explain more about the job, things that I should focus on my answers as well as do mock interviews with me. He always ensured I was well prepared for the interviews. Big thanks to him, finally I can secure my very first job in Finance industry during such a hard time. Strongly recommend him if you’re struggling with your job search!!!read more
Weijun WanWeijun Wan
17:12 24 Dec 19
I am happy to choose Thanh as my advisor for seeking full time positions. He gave me many valuable recommendations to... improve my resume, interview and networking skills, as well as career development advice in financial industry . He is a good person to have mock interviews with, with very helpful feedback and suggestions. He is always energetic, good at talking and bring you confidence which is very important during the interview to make you feel valued. He is flexible and can ensure that students get the right help in the right location with the right time. He is also a good friend to talk with if you have any concerns. The skills I learnt here will benefit me throughout my life and they will definitely help prepare me for future advancement.I would highly recommend him!:Dread more
01:35 20 Dec 19
It was so a pleasure to work with Thanh and his great team! Thanh is knowledgeable and helpful. Whenever I have... questions, he always there to offer help.In the beginning, I was getting stuck by my resume, I have no idea how to show my highlights on my resume even I had good co-op experience. Thanh’s team revised my resume, then I started to get so many interviews every single week.Thanh told me so many pieces of advice and guidance about my career, how to succeed in the interview and how to build up networking with successful people. I had really good opportunities over the past two months. I finally got the job that I want.Eventually, I can start my accounting career. For international students, this is the best experience as whenever you couldn’t figure out your problems, Thanh and his team will be there for help!read more

Why We Build This Program?

We Believe in You!

You already have what it takes to get that job offer. It’s just you don’t know how to present your profile from your part-time jobs, school projects in the best way and you might be limited by some wrong beliefs such as:

  1. Oh, I don’t think I am good enough,
  2. I just don’t know how to present my part-time jobs
  3. But I don’t have work experience and every employer asks for it!

We can guarantee you that these are NOT true.

We are here to help you solve all the problems to get you the best finance/accounting job you deserve.

Let's Increase 3x Interviews



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