QuickStart Program

This systematic step-by-step program aims to secure a job that is suitable for individual’s current background and experience within 4-6 weeks*. This program is ideal for fresh college/university graduates and immigrants with a post-secondary degree, work experience, or both who want to start working as soon as possible.

Your resume will be “renovated” by corporate professionals who are currently working for leading firms including banks and investment firms at the core of Toronto Financial District. In our effort to focus exclusively on effectiveness and practicality, your resume will include specific keywords and your achievements that hiring managers want to see for each specific position that your Training Manager will apply for you.

The interview training will ensure that you pass the interview and receive a job offer by working closely with one of our Training Managers. Our proven-method interview skill set, Database Method™, has delivered job offers with 80% success rate** for every interview that our clients took.

Fees: 6% of the annual salary***

For example, if the annual salary is $40,000, the service fee is 6% which is $2,400 . The payment term is as following

  • The 1st deposit of $599 will be required upon signing up.
  • The 2nd Payment is $1,800 after you receive the job offer.

Regardless of the number of interviews you might need, we are committed to work with you until you get your desired job.

To book an appointment for a consultation, please complete the form below or email us at jobs@trainandgethired.com.

* 4 to 6-week is the average time we have helped our clients securing jobs. It also depends on your background & experience ,the type of jobs and the labor market conditions. Time might varies, our recruiting manager will discuss with you in details.
** 80% is based on our historical data with previous clients.
*** If the job offer indicates an hourly salary, the annual salary is calculated as followings: Hourly Salary x 2,000 = Annual Salary. For example, an hourly rate of $18/hour is equivalent to $36,000/year. If it is a contract position, the annual salary will be pro-rated accordingly.