QuickStart Program

The QuickStart Program which consists of Interview Training  to obtain Job Offer aims to help new immigrants and international students secure a job that is suitable for their background and experience within 4-5 weeks* so they can start making income as soon as possible. The program consists of 2 parts:

1/Resume + Interview Training

We “renovate” your resume to include keywords and your best achievements that hiring managers expect to see when screening. The interview training (Database MethodTM) is a proven-method interview skill set, which has delivered 90% successful rate for our candidates – #successtory, to pass that interview and receive a job offer in the finance and accounting industry.

2/ Job Offer:

We are committed to deliver 1st interview within 4 -5 weeks* (on average). If you unfortunately fail the 1st interview, 1 more interview will be secured for you. Any extra interview after is placed at $50. With our training, 90% of our clients have passed their 1st interview and get a job offer.

What make QuickStart Program unique?

International students, new immigrants have unique needs to be accommodated for their challenges in term of language, culture, experience, learning curve…etc. QuickStrart is step-by-step program built based on these considerations to make sure everyone benefit from the training regardless of their level of experience.

Train & Get Hired’s services focus extensively on practicality & effectiveness. We only train you on skills that you can apply right away in your next interview and get your long-waiting job offer. You will be trained directly by corporate professionals who have been working for leading firms such as banks and investment firms at the core of Toronto Financial District.

Meet one of our training managers, Thanh Quach, a former Derivatives Analyst at CIBC Mellon.

“I believe every international student and new immigrant to Canada have relevant experience and are fully capable of doing the job. What might be missing here is the ability to present themselves in the best possible light on resume and how to communicate (or sell) the values as well as the skill sets to ace that interview and get the job offer. The QuickStart program – Database MethodTM is exactly built to deliver this solution, which is not taught at school.”

What is the Database MethodTM?

So what is the interview all about? Is it about the job? Is it about the technical/behavior questions?…etc, not so much.

It is ALL ABOUT YOU and how you are compared to other candidates, your potential employers want to get to know you to determine if you are a good fit. Truth be told, in the interview, the potential employer is the “client” and you are the “sale” professional, your “products” are your experience, your skills and your achievements. Database MethodTM is a systematic plan showing you how to build confidence, how to detect what the “client” needs and how to make your “products” unique and how to organize and present your “products” in a convincing manner so that you can confidently “close the sale” (i.e job offer).

QuickStart Program Fees

The QuickStart Program one-time fees is 6% of your salary that comes from the job we secure for you. An initial deposit of $599 is required upon signing up the program for training and administrative fees. This deposit will be deducted from the total 6% fees after you have a job offer. For example, if we secure a job with a salary of $40,000 (around $20/hour**) for you, the fees is calculated as followings:

Initial Deposit: $599

Total 6% fees: 6% x $40,000= $2,400

Final Payment: $2,400 – $599 = $1,800

The by-law HST (13%) will be applied to all above fees.

 * 4 to 5-week is the average time we have helped our clients securing jobs. It also depends on your background & experience ,the type of jobs and the labor market conditions. Time might varies, our recruiting manager will discuss with you in details.

** If the job offer indicates an hourly salary, the annual salary is calculated as followings: Hourly Salary x 2 = Annual Salary. For example, an hourly rate of $18/hour is equivalent to $36,000/year. If it is a contract position, the annual salary will be pro-rated accordingly.

If you are interested in our QuickStart Program, please sign up below or email us at jobs@trainandgethired.com, our training manager will contact you shortly.