QuickStart Program

This systematic step-by-step program aims to secure a job with competitive salary that is suitable for your background and experience within 4-6 weeks*. This program is ideal for fresh college/university graduates and immigrants with a post-secondary degree and/or work experience to start working as soon as possible.

It is also a great option for those who are currently employed but still looking for a better job as we take a personalized approach to get to know you as a candidate and how we can maximize your potential, through our training, to ensure you present the best of yourself to the employer. 

The Quickstart Program is a one-stop shop as we will work with you from the beginning until the end to achieve the only goal: securing a job that is suitable for your background and experience at a competitive salary level. Regardless of how many interviews you will need, we are committed to support you until you get the job.

Your resume will be “renovated” by corporate professionals who are currently working for leading firms including banks and corporations at the core of Toronto Financial District. In our effort to focus exclusively on effectiveness and practicality, your resume will present your best achievements and your uniqueness, which helps you to stand out. We have seen tons of general resume that is “just like others” and this can mostly be the reason you can’t impress the reader to secure an interview at the 1st place.

After reviewing and applying resume general tips online (probably Google), Bravo! you complete your resume. The final check is to ask yourself this question “If my name is covered, can I tell this is my resume? OR it is just similar to my classmate?”  If you can’t, please let us know and we ensure you have a personalized winning resume that tells a good unique story about your background and experience to secure the next interview.

Online tips are useful, however, you need to know how to integrate your “personal and unique” experience into your resume because that is how you can stand out in a stack of 100 look-alike resumes for 1 position. 

The Interview Training will ensure that you pass the interview and receive a job offer by working one-on-one with our Training Managers.

Normally, for interview preparation, this is the conventional process used by many candidates. There are certain problems, let’s have a look.


Conventional Process Possible Problems TGH’s Solution
1/ Study the Job Description. The job description might not reflect what you “really” need to do in your real job.  What are key skills you need to emphasize during the interview? With years of work experience, our training managers can narrow down to 1 – 2 key skills that you need to focus on during the interview.
2/ Go online (Google, Glassdoor…etc) to look for interview questions for the targeted position and prepare answer accordingly. You can’t guess exactly all interview questions. It is surely that you will be asked some questions you have not prepared for. Panic time???  We have developed interview training process that will prepare you for any interview and any position. Let’s take the “guess” factor out of the interview preparation.
3/ Practice, practice & practice. Practice only counts if you do it right. We will run one-on-one mock interviews to provide feedback and recommendations. That is how you know you are doing practice right.
4/ Hope that you will be asked as many prepared questions as possible. How to answer questions you have not prepared? We have developed a systematic process to deal with this situation. The fact is, you will be asked questions you have not prepared.

In your last interview, did you  present a clear, unique and purposeful example from your previous work experience to demonstrate your skill instead of a general answer? Imagine your answer is general and similar to other candidates. This kind of example can be a “make or break” moment in an interview, we ensure you always make it.  

The Job Applications 

Your job application process is also guided by our training managers. After we create a winning resume for you and your interview training is completed, we will leverage both of internal network and public job opportunities to help you secure your job offer as soon as possible.

Regardless of the number of interviews you might need, we are committed to work with you until you get your desired job.

Fees will be applied. To book an appointment for a consultation, please complete the form below or email us at jobs@trainandgethired.com.

* 4 to 6-week is the average time we have helped our clients securing jobs. It also depends on your background & experience ,the type of jobs and the labor market conditions. Time might varies, our recruiting manager will discuss with you in details.

Career Plan will be discussed in details. We will guide your through the process of creating your own career plan so that you can achieve the best possible progress in the next 2-3 years to meet both your professional goals and your personal goals. We will discuss what kind of skills you need and how to acquire them so that you can move to the next level of your career in the near future. Having a well-thought and organized career plan is the most effective way to keep track of your progress and identify any problems that hold you back.

Industry Knowledge will be discussed to equip you the basic understanding of the industry so that you know exactly where you are in the big picture. Navigating through the job market is challenging when you don’t know which position is suitable for you or you are capable of doing. Understanding your background and how it fits into specific department/sector is definitely helpful in speeding up the job hunting process.


Through this fee-paying program, we are proud to deliver a great experience to equip international students and new immigrants relevant skills (interview, networking, career planning) and industry knowledge so that they can kick-start their professional in Canada.  To book an appointment for a consultation, please complete the form below or email us at jobs@trainandgethired.com.