On-Demand Advisory

On-Demand Advisory is designed for those who need reliable solution that fits perfectly into their own personal situation. Each 1-hour session is dedicated to give you a solution for your specific questions. In the past, we have received questions such as:

1. How should I prepare for my upcoming interview?

2. Can you do a review and give out professional recommendation for my resume/cover letter?

3. Why do I have no job interview?

4. Can an industry professional do mock interviews with me?

5. What kind of job should I get? 

and many more …etc

Normally, questions are related to 4 common categories: networking, job interview, career planning, resume/cover letter. This is not a comprehensive list, thus don’t hesitate to present your problems and we are willing to help you answer or have a personalized solution for you.

The know-how for practical networking skills to build relevant industry contacts for job referrals or industry knowledge.

What to say and how to ask when you network with industry professionals to get what you want.

On-the-spot interview preparation (mock interviews) or any questions you have regarding how to ace an interview. 

Methods and Answers for questions such as:

  1. What can I do today to be well-prepared for an professional internship/full-time job?
  2. What does the real job look like? 
  3. Do I have the required skills for my dream job?

Professional and industry-specific Review + Recommendation to have a winning resume that actually lands job interviews.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the price for the 1-hour session?

The price is $49 (plus HST) for each session. If you think you need more than 1 session, please contact us.

2. Who work on my problems and meet me to discuss the tailored solution?

Each booking session will be assigned to an experienced industry professional (advisor) who will combine his/her experience and research to study your question/problem. He/She then will meet with you to discuss about the personalized solution/answer for your specific questions. Visit Our Team to meet  4 of our advisors.

3. Who should use our On-Demand Advisory?

Our clients are mostly international students or professional immigrants. They use our advisory services when they need RELIABLE answers or solutions for their own situation. Our work experience and industry knowledge will save them time and money by providing valuable and practical advice.

4. Why is our On-Demand Advisory service different than Internet-based free advice and recommendation?

All advisors are industry professionals who have been working in the finance/accounting industry for years, some have CPA/CFA designation. We take a personal approach to study and really understand your own problems/questions. Our recommendations will be tailored to fit into your personal situation.There is no general answer.

For example: 

a/ To build a winning resume, we will show you how to present and personalize your resume with your own work experience , rather than copying and pasting sample sentences on the internet.

b/ To do career planning, with our years of experience and expertise, we will study your background, strengths and weaknesses to show you the most efficient and feasible way to achieve your career goals so that you can save both time and money.     

5. How are sessions scheduled?

When you sign up for the service, we will ask you to provide a few time slots at which you are available for your first coaching session. Our team will then match you with the best industry professional (advisor) available at the different times you suggested and introduce you to your advisor via email ahead of your session.

We have always managed to find convenient slots for clients so far. Customers typically book their coaching sessions with us 3 days or more in advance. If you would like to book a coaching session in less than 3 days we would recommend contacting our team first to make sure we have availability. You can send an email at jobs@trainandgethired.com .

6. What is included on the advisory session?

Your advisory session is tailored to you. Your advisor will work with you in advance of the session to decide what you will cover during the hour to make sure time is most effectively spent.

If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, this will be a one-on-one mock interview session followed by feedback and recommendations.

Some advisors also decide to use the session to make progress on specific areas (e.g. networking, resume/cover letter, personal situation etc.) If you are not sure where to start we encourage you to book a first session and send us your resume, our advisor will then advise you on what you should focus on.

7. What’s your cancellation, “no show” and rescheduling policy?

Advisory sessions can be cancelled and rescheduled for free by giving us more than 24h notice. In other words, if you decide you don’t need the session anymore and tell us more than 24h in advance it will be eligible for a refund. Or if you decided that you want to do the session at another time and tell us more than 24h in advance we will reschedule it for free.

If you fail to attend a advisory session (“no show”) without notifying us in the appropriate time frame you will lose that session with no refund.

8. Things that we don’t do are…:

We don’t provide advisory services regarding the followings:

a/ Paper application to change school or program.

b/Legal advice on employment matters such as unjust termination.

c/Advice on MBA applications.

d/ English as a Second Language training.

What our clients say about our On-Demand Advisory services:

“The advisor is really helpful in assessing my skills and being able to recommend a realistic career goal for me” 

Danny C.

“The recommendation is excellent and it is tailored to my personal situation as I just came to Canada”

Hieu T.

“The new resume I built based on the advisor’s review really helps me land more interviews”


“The mock interview feedback is very useful as they help me know where to improve and I actually ace that job interview”

Christie W.