Career Success Model Program

The Career Success Model (CSM) Program, which is the first-of-its-kind personalized program, acts like a GPS showing you step-by-step of what you need to do today to successfully secure a full-time job offer after graduation.


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The CSM Program is built based on the result of our studies and training experience. We study successful corporate professionals (who used to be international students) through many interviews to identify all activities they do and all skills they acquire (before graduation) that help build an attractive and winning profile that potential employers want to hire. Our team reverse-engineers to break down the whole process into smaller steps to identify the common method, the skills, the strategy, the mindset that these successful professionals use.  

We then package all these techniques and strategies into the CSM Program which ensures you (regardless of your background or experience), who have strong determination & hard-working attitude, can “model” or “copy” their methods to achieve your own career goals in the possible shortest amount of time and energy.

Build Your Skills and Set Up Your Career Path

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What our client says about us

"The Career Success program is a great guidance for me to figure out what I need to do now and the advice on job hunting is really helpful for me to secure the Financial Analyst position at The Globe & Mail"
Y. Yang
Financial Analyst - The Globe & Mail

Great Full-time Jobs = Preparation + Guidance + Hard-Work

The Career Success Model Program will provide you the preparation and guidance. If you are determined and hard-working,  let’s work together for your future success.