Customized Job Placements

Historically, by leveraging our training program, our professional network and depending on your background & experience, we have placed our candidates into jobs that are qualified for both CPA/CFA experience and PR application such as Fund Accountant, Financial Analyst, Payroll Administrator, Staff Accountant…etc with starting salary $18+/hour on average. The employers are TD, CIBC Mellon, SS&C Technology, CitcoInvesco, ADP, Scotiabank…etc. We also successfully placed jobs with employers who are local  – small to mid-size firms in various industries.

The program is  like “made to measure” to accommodate each unique individual. This is more suitable for those who have 0 to little experience or have a specific desired job.

This program is run by corporate professionals who are currently or formerly working in the field to ensure effectiveness and practicality. Due to our sole focus on accounting and finance industry, we are able to deliver specific insights and skills that work in reality for our candidates. Our training is distinctive to other serve-all-industry companies 

As we believe in getting you the right job that fits your experience and background, the Personalized Job Placement Program consists of 4 parts:

1/ Personal Assessment: 

We usually take 1 hour to assess your resume and your background. Next, you are invited to a short personal interview (10-15 minutes). Finally, we provide detailed feedbacks and what you can do to improve. The assessment is provided by professionals who are currently or formerly working in the accounting/finance industry to ensure you receive advice that is industry-specific, practical and useful. This service goes beyond ordinary resume/cover letter/interview help services from your school’s career center, in which people who review your resume might not be working in the field.  

2/ Goal Setting:   

After discussing the assessment result, if you want our team to train and work with you, we can start the goal setting process. We will set specific goals for your right job such as salary, type of employer…etc Based on your assessment, a training plan will be established to help you reach your goal.


Training consists of three parts:

a/Resume/Cover Letter Review and Edit:

We make sure it presents your best achievements and the content is relevant to what the employer is looking for in the accounting/finance industry.   

b/Interview Skills

We make sure you ace that interview by working with you on the content of your answers,  your pronunciation, your body language, your confidence and how to present yourself in the best light. Our Database MethodTM training will be implemented to help you get the job offer 95%* of time.

So what is the interview all about? Is it about the job? Is it about the technical/behavior questions?…etc The answer is: not so much. It is ALL ABOUT YOU and how you are COMPARED to other candidates, your potential employers want to know if you are a good fit as they have only 1 JOB for may be 10 candidates. Truth be told, in the interview, the potential employer is the “Client” and you are the “Sale” professional and your “Products” are your experience, your skills and your achievements. Remember the last time you didn’t buy something because you had no idea what the sale man was talking about? Never let this happen to you during the interview. Database MethodTM is a systematic plan showing you how to build confidence, how to detect what the “Client” needs and how to make your “Products” unique, how to organize and present them in a convincing manner so that you can “close the sale” (i.e get a job offer.)

c/Mock Interviews:

Practice makes perfect. That is why we run many mock interviews to continuously provide feedback and measure your improvement over time. We aim to train you to be competitive for any interview in the future.

4/ Job Placement**:    

We leverage our professional network to land you interview and job offer according to your goal (step 2).   

We are proud to help many students start their finance/accounting career, you can read more about #successtories.  If you are interested, please leave your email below and our training manager will contact you to start our assessment. 

* 95% is based on our historical data with previous clients. 
**The question of “WHEN” we place you in an interview depends on two factors: your learning curve and the labor market condition. We will not place any interview until we are confident that you are ready for a professional interview. It is clear that we don’t control the labor market, thus the training program is built upon the principle: improve your skills (technical & soft) to the level that you are competitive for the job. Historically, our professional network is committed to land you a job interview within approximately 2 weeks since your training is completed and receive a job offer 2 weeks after that.

The program fee is approximately 7-10% of the expected salary of the job we secure for our candidates which is much lower than the conventional 15-25% charge*** you might get if you get a job through a HR agency. As this is a personalized program, please contact us for more information about fees.

We are committed to deliver results for international students. Our payment term is scheduled to reflect result-based payment, which means we only receive our fees if a milestone (i.e an interview or job offer) is achieved. We believe this payment arrangement reflects the effectiveness of our training program and our effort to help our clients.

*** Each HR Agency has its own fee rate.