Our Story


My name is Thanh Quach and I am the founder of Train & Get Hired, a full-service employment & training company located at downtown Toronto. 

To those who are still looking for a (better) job, I’d like to share with you my story of how I kick-started my professional career here in Toronto and I confidently assure you that with the right guidance and hard work, you can absolutely get a great professional job. 

I used to work in investment as a Derivatives Analyst for CIBC in Toronto for 4 years (for a full profile you can visit my LinkedIn). I used to be an international student and it was really tough to kick-start a professional career here in Toronto for business graduates, I still remembered. I worked hard and done a lot of things such as networking, job applications, interviews…etc before I could get my 1st job. It was such a time-consuming and energy-draining process.

I looked around and there were tens of thousands of international students graduate with a business degree every year or experienced professional immigrants facing the same challenge  that I faced when looking for a job in the financial district. I asked myself a question:

“Is there any standardized method that people can learn and apply and get a full-time professional job within 6-8 weeks*?” instead of 3-4 months. This is the original idea of the QuickStart Program

To answer this question, I and my team studied our own job hunting experience and we conducted research to study many successful corporate professionals who used to be international students. We figured out the pattern, the strategy, the skills and the method that they applied to get ahead and landed full-time jobs. From there, we pack years of practical experience and passion to create the QuickStart Program (including resume, interview techniques, industry knowledge and networking contacts) which help international student and new immigrants get a professional job within 8-10 weeks*. This program has helped a lot of students and immigrants to kick-start their career. 

We invite you to explore our services below and we are ready to help you secure your long-awaiting full time job. 

*6-8 weeks is the average time length based on our historical results. The time length might vary depending on both the client’s learning curve as well as labor market condition.