Our Story

The founder of Train & Get Hired (TGH) is Thanh Quach, he used to work in finance and investment for a bank in downtown Toronto for 4 years. He got bored with his job and one day he recalled his own experience of getting his 1st professional job.

He recalled countless LinkedIn messages he sent to reach out to finance professionals to ask for a coffee meeting to network and connect. A lot of “networking” events he participated in with no result. After having “hundred of cups of coffee” and meetings with many corporate professionals, he learned how to write a great resume, how to improve his interview skills (English is not his 1st language), how to build relationship for job referral…etc It was a challenging as well as interesting journey to learn and to grow and to eventually land a nice job after graduation. It was time consuming and it was a lot of work.

He looked around and there are thousands of students graduating every year are looking for a job in Toronto. He thought as I have been through this  (tough) journey “What if I can use my experience to really help these students get the job that fits into their experience/profile?” – That was how TGH, a full-service employment & training company was born.

Next, he didn’t know how to name his company, so he thought “Maybe, I just put what I do as a name of my company” – Thus, Train & Get Hired.

From then on, he has discovered a new career path that was more fun and meaningful. Every student is a “project”, from assessment –> planning –> training –> getting a job, it is a roller-coaster job hunting ride with rewarding experience after all the ups and downs which is: the student gets a nice job to start building his/her professional career.

Along the way, he on-boards same-mindset corporate professionals (working in finance, accounting, marketing…etc), who find it meaningful in training and helping students besides their corporate jobs, to join his team. They utilize their own job hunting and hands-on work experience, networking ability, which are “idle” resources when they work for their companies, to train and help students get jobs.