International students’ challenges

The job market in Canada, specifically in Toronto is extremely competitive. International students are normally facing many challenges such as language, culture and professional network. Getting a great job at Canada is definitely a huge challenge.

We, Train and Get Hired team, has interviewed international students who have successfully got jobs with titles such as: Fund Accountant, Senior Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Staff Accountant at TD, CIBC, Citco, PwC…etc to study why these international students can achieve such amazing results. We found out that each of them has his/her own path to their success. Depending on their starting point and the experience they have, they then pick up important skills such as communication, networking, technical…etc on their challenging job hunting journey. What they have in common is they have a “realistic” action plan. Obviously, it requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and consistency. Step by step, they have been building their resume and achieving amazing results.

As we partner with successful in-the-field professionals, we want to direct you to the right direction so you can get a Right Job.  We don’t want you to waste time on “unrealistic” job-hunting plan..