Customized Job Placement

This “made to measure” program delivers the right job for individuals who want to maximize their potential career. This program is ideal for those who have zero to little experience or have a specific desired job.

Our Training Managers are corporate professionals who are currently working in major companies in Toronto. In our effort to ensure that 100% of our clients land at the right job, we utilize our internal professional network to identify exactly what qualifications are actually desired for each specific position and deliver that knowledge and the best method that shows your qualifications on the interview. Throughout your job hunting journey, one of our Training Managers will work with you on a personal level.

Historically, our previous clients received job offers from 80% of in-person interviews.* Jobs we secured for our clients include Fund Accountant, Financial Analyst, Payroll Administrator, Staff Accountant, etc. The employers are TD, CIBC Mellon, SS&C Technology, Citco, Invesco, ADP, Scotiabank, etc. We also successfully placed jobs with employers who are local, small to midsize firms in various industries.

The right job is the one that maximizes your potential career, and it depends on individual’s previous experience and background. Your Training Manager will apply for the specific jobs with the specific expectations that are also aligned with your goal. Therefore, this program consists of 4 parts which begin with a personal assessment and a goal setting.

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* 90% is based on our historical data with previous clients. 
**The question of “WHEN” we secure you an interview depends on two factors: your learning curve and the labor market condition. We will not attempt to secure any interview until we are confident that you are ready for a professional interview. It is clear that we don’t control the labor market, thus the training program is built upon the principle: improve your skills (technical & soft) to the level that you are competitive for the job.