How to Get An Entry Level Job In As Fast As 30 Days*

The exact step by step process you can use to get your finance/accounting career started, even with ZERO working experience.


What you will expect from this call?

The goal for this call is to assess your current challenges and possible solutions when it comes to get a job in finance/accounting industry, and provide some actionable tips to get you back on track of this competitive job hunting game.

About Thanh

Thanh is the founder of Train & Get Hired.
He is also the creator of the Job Break-Through System – the one-of-its-kind system that is dedicated for finance/accounting graduates. The system has helped tons of fresh graduates get their dream jobs in finance and accounting even during the hard time in 2020.

Thanh has over 7 years experience in finance/accounting industry and career counselling. Previously, he worked as senior Investment Fund Accountant and Derivatives Analyst at CIBC Mellon. During this time, he also interviewed candidates for his team, thus he knows what hiring managers is really looking for from candidates and he would like to share it with you!

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The Ultimate Guide

How to Storytelling to get Your dream job

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