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My name is Thanh and I love helping fresh graduates get their dream jobs. There are a lot of noise and myths about fresh grads looking for entry-level jobs such as:

  1. Why do employers always require years of work experience? I just got out of school!
  2. Why don’t I get any interview?
  3. I don’t know why I fail interview.


After successfully helping 200+ fresh graduates get their dream jobs, I realize that job search for fresh graduates come down to a few key points that if you get them right, you can get job offers much faster.

It requires a lot of hard work. Much of these hard work is not taught or covered in school, that’s why fresh grads experience a lot of challenges and job search is like a black box.

It is my job and the team at Train and Get Hired to light up the black box and we make sure that fresh graduates understand the key points to get their dream jobs as soon as possible. 

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