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A fresh graduate with full energy and hard-work has successfully landed a Staff Accountant position with a big 4 accounting firm, KPMG. How did he do that?

B. Gao graduated with the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies – Specialization in Accounting at The University of Western Ontario. He is determined to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

Our QuickStart Program has helped B. secure a Staff Accountant position at KPMG. Check out his success story below.

Like any other university graduates, B. was working hard to obtain a full time accounting job. He received many interviews from big to medium size accounting firms.  Unfortunately, he went through interviews unsuccessfully due to various reasons. 

We performed a personal assessment to really understand B.’s situation. We realized B. had a strong and attractive profile because he had earned many important skills through his part-time jobs such as communication, team-work and leadership and he was very active in volunteering activities. He was energetic and hard-working. 

We spent hours to discuss with B. about his past interview experience and we actually ran a mock interview to diagnose any interview problems. Upon completing the personal assessment, we concluded we had to improve the articulating ability which was about presenting his work/volunteering experience in the best light possible in an organized and convincing way. 

We applied the Database Method interview training to him and we worked with him closely to improve his interview skill dramatically through a lot of mock interviews. The Database Method is the standardized method that we have developed to help English-as-a-second-language job seekers organize their work experience and presented them in the most convincing way.  

To pass multiple rounds of interviews (HR, Hiring Managers, Partners) with big 4 accounting firms, the Database Method was exactly what we used to train B. to improve his articulation and presentation ability. We also worked hard on body language to make sure his body language portrait great confidence. 

Our training mangers also utilized their industry expertise to differentiate between interviewing with HR, Hiring Managers and Partners because each person had very different goals and requirements and they expected to hear different things from candidate. 

After a lot of hard work and acing many rounds of interviews with KPMG, Deloitte, RBC and TD. B. received full-time job offers from both KPMG and TD. Upon careful consideration with us, he decided to go with KPMG as a Staff Accountant to kick-start his professional accounting career and he is well-prepared on achieving his CPA designation.   

“Thanks for the dedication and beyond-expectation effort of Train & Get Hired’s team in training and supporting me. The service is personalized to fit well into my own situation and it was effective to help me achieve my full-time job.”

B. Gao – Staff Accountant – KPMG

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