Winning Job Interviews – The Third Most Important Thing Candidates Often Ignore (Besides Your Resume and Interview Skills)

annoyed-cafe-coffee-52608Do you or someone you know have a bad mood easily throughout the job hunting journey? Some Candidates lose their emotional control while submitting tons of job applications, before and after job interviews, or when they made a mistake.

If you already have your resume ready and completed all interview training, only mental factors link to your interview performance. Composed candidates can remain calm, persistent, and in control under the pressure situation and before and after interviews.

Three reasons to work on emotional composure

  1. More victories go to the candidates who show the consistency of emotion throughout the journey.
  2. Employers can be more favorable toward candidates who show the steady confidence and composure.
  3. The skills associated with emotional control also positively impact the overall performance throughout the journey.

 Three ways daily emotional composure helps candidates during the job interview

  1. A candidate thinks rationally and reacts with ease.
  2. A candidate rises to challenging questions with confidence.
  3. A candidate calmly identifies and provides the best answers from previous training


To increase emotional composure, understanding the most frequent mental breakdowns that cause candidates to lose control during the job hunting process is most important.

  • Understand that you are going to experience setbacks.

  • Understand that you are going to make mistakes at interviews.

  • Understand that you are goings to have the ups and downs of feelings.

As you send job applications and take interviews, you will lose composure time to time and need to regain it. Here are some tips to maintain emotional composure throughout the job hunting journey.

1. Keep your concentration in the “NOW.”

When you allow your focus of concentration to jump ahead to the future or drift back to the past, the result is always an increase in your nervousness. If you want to stay calm, you have to train yourself to keep your focus in the NOW. You don’t want to think about and focus on the previous or upcoming interview and its importance.

2. Keep your focus on you. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Allowing your focus to drift to anyone or anything other than you will quickly make you feel nervous. Staying focused on you and your job will keep you calm and confident. You also want to make sure that you don’t compare yourself with others. A comparison will always make you nervous.

3. Keep your mind distracted before and after interviews.

While you can’t really stop yourself from thinking, you can purposely distract yourself from it. Watching a short fun YouTube video just before an interview will help you stay calm leading up to the better performance at interview.

4. Keep your focus away from the “uncontrollable.”

There are a lot of things that just happen, and you don’t have direct control over them. Any time you focus on an “uncontrollable,” you will get really nervous and lose confidence. Examples are thinking about how you will perform at the interview, whether interviewer will like you or not, or even the result of the interview. Keep in mind that these “uncontrollable” are a mental trap, and the only way to avoid it is to know it is there.

5. Enjoy your free time and have fun.

Fun is the secret ingredient to staying calm. If you put too much pressure on yourself or get too serious, you will start getting nervous and your performance suffers throughout the job hunting process.

Keep Calm and Carry On!



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